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Who Are We?

We are the Torchwood Beta Archives. If you need a beta, you've definitely come to the right place. We hope to gather a pretty comprehensive list of like-minded people within the fandom, who offer their beta reading skills to other writers and fans. Making it easier for people to find the beta that is just right for their story. To get yourself started, simply visit this post.

Your mods are badly_knitted, doves_wing and ms_bekahrose, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask and one of us will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can reach all three of us at: twbeta.archives.mods(at)gmail.com.


General Rules

1 - No Drama. Play Nicely.
2 - Anything longer than three hundred words, please place it behind a cut.
3 - No disrespectful behaviour: no character/actor/crew bashing. No author/beta bashing.
4 - Respect people's boundaries: do not goad or guilt trip or dismiss other people's feelings. If someone politely declines, don't badger them.
5 - If a beta reader's name in the master list has "Unavailable" written next to it - or their profile has "Unavailable" - please do not badger them. This simply means that they're busy and not taking on any new fic.
6 - Have fun and let's make the Beta Archives the best Torchwood Fic resource outside of wikipedia and long, long hours in front of the dvds…

Rules for Writers

1 - Please include "Looking for a Beta" in the subject title. That way if someone's looking for a fic to beta, they're alerted to your information.
2 - Please include the following basic information in your post: Approximate Length / Ratings / Warnings (spoilers, kinks, violence… for a full list, check out our glossary) / If the fic is for a fest or challenge / pairings / brief summary
3 - Please use the following tags: beta: search, rating: [rating], genre: [genre], pairing: [pairing/s]
4 - Please be patient. Real Life needs to come first. Yes, it is exciting you've got a new fic and can't wait to share it with the world, but remember: we have jobs and families and exams and course work and errands that are also vying for our time.

Rules for Betas

1 - When posting your beta profile, please leave your name in the Subject line: Subject: Miss BekahRose - Beta. This just makes it easier for those of us who scour the archives' actual archive.
2 - Please include the following basic information in your profile: Strengths and Weaknesses as a beta / what you are willing to beta and what you're not willing to beta (squicks and kinks, specific ratings or pairings, or situations, seasons, genres…) / what region you're from (American, UK, Australia-New Zealand, Asia, Europe, Africa, South America)
3 - Please use the following tags when posting your profile: region: [Region], beta: profile, beta: available
3a - If you don't have any specific hang-ups, and don't mind beta-ing all kinds of fic, please use the following tag: beta: all-rounder
4 - If at some point, you've become too busy with Real Life, need a break or have your hands full with beta-ing other projects, please edit your profile to include the tag: beta: unavailable


This community is open to anyone and everyone. Fan-fic should not be posted here (there are other communities for that) The information provided within is done so at the discretion of each member with the understanding that it is made available to the members of this community. Please do not abuse their trust or the mods' trust. Should you join this community, please, please, do not harass or disrespect the members. All images used within are © to their respective owners and are used merely for fun and entertainment and no profit is gained from them, the same goes for any pre-established characters/places/situations.



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