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Looking for a beta
black_k_kat wrote in twbeta_archives
Preferred Name: Kat
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Torchwood team, the Rani, the Doctor
Rating: R-ish
Setting: immediately post-End of Days for Torchwood, during Utopia for Doctor Who
Length: ~11k words, four chapters
Genre:  canon au, romance, drama
Pairing Type: slash
Warnings: canon character death
A brief summary: Ianto is the son of the Rani, with his Time Lord half locked away in his favorite stopwatch. The sound of the Doctor's TARDIS vanishing prompts him to open the watch and remember who he is.
Location: Europe
Due Date: N/A
Notes: This story is already complete; I'm just looking for someone who's willing to go through and stamp out my many English!fails and typos. I'd love it if that same someone - or a different one, I'm not picky - would be able to double-check my Time Lord trivia and Doctor Who time-lines (Old Who, specifically around the time of the 6th and 8th Doctors), but it's not entirely necessary.

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Hi, I'd love to, but (I suspect like you) I'm not a native Brit. And like you I'm unfamiliar with the 'Old Who'. So - I'll just have to hang around and wait for you to post...
Best of luck!

It's already been posted, actually - I just came back to it the other day and realized just how many things I missed. And for every one I find...

Ah, well. Hopefully someone will come along soon, before I convince myself that it's horrible and delete all traces of it. :)

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