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Looking for a beta
black_k_kat wrote in twbeta_archives
Preferred Name: Kat
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Torchwood team, Merlin, Arthur, various Merlin characters
Rating: R-ish
Setting: immediately pre-Reset
Length: ~10k words eventually, 6k so far
Genre:  crossover, romance-ish
Pairing Type: slash
Warnings: none
A brief summary: Ianto is Mabon ap Modron, an immortal from Arthurian legend, and is, like Merlin, waiting for Arthur to be reborn. That time is getting closer, and Jack is starting to notice something off about the resident tea boy.
Location: Europe
Due Date: N/A
Notes: I've got a fairly decent handle on the plot, and I'm about halfway done, but I'd appreciate someone checking me to make sure it's not getting too wordy, weird, overdone, etc. Also, Brit-picking would be greatly adored.


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