Looking for a beta reader -FOUND-
Author: Jiwa / Saxonvoter
Title: Here We Go Again
Pairings/Characters: Ianto/Jack, rest of the Torchwood team
Rating: R (at the moment)
Setting: CoE Fixit, time travel
Length: Multi-chapter WiP
Genre: Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Fluff, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Pairing Type: Slash
Warnings: Character Death (canon), Canon typical Violence

A brief summary: Ianto Jones dies, and wakes up on the day he first met Gwen Cooper.

Beta Requirements: Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation, Characterization, Continuity, Brit-Picking, Idea Bouncing. Just overall beta reading.

Location: Finland

Due Date: None

Notes: I'm looking for a new beta reader since my old one is too busy to continue. Fair warning, I write slowly due to real life getting in the way, but I'm going to finish this fanfiction even if it takes me years. It's fairly long already, 30,000+ words, and it will probably end up being at least twice, if not three times the length it is now. So far, I've planned to write the story to span from series one to end of series three. Don't know about season four yet.

If you're interested, please click the title to read what I've published so far (links to AO3).

Need beta- FOUND
scary jack
Preferred Name: K.
Pairings/Characters: Ianto Jones, Barry & Brenda Williams (Rhys' parents) and Ianto's father
Rating: PG
Setting: pre-series
Length: one shot around 2.5k
Genre: hurt/comfort & friendship
Pairing Type: Gen, mentions of past Ianto/ OFC
Warnings: some angst, mentions of teen pregnancy
A brief summary: An unexpected meeting in a hospital lift, Ianto finds out that not all people will judge a book by its cover
Location: East coat of USA
Due Date: none.
Notes: I need some help with beta and fleshing out parts that might need some work or awkwardness made less awkward. This part of my Secrets verse. Thank you in advance.

Looking for a beta
Preferred Name: Kat
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Torchwood team, Merlin, Arthur, various Merlin characters
Rating: R-ish
Setting: immediately pre-Reset
Length: ~10k words eventually, 6k so far
Genre:  crossover, romance-ish
Pairing Type: slash
Warnings: none
A brief summary: Ianto is Mabon ap Modron, an immortal from Arthurian legend, and is, like Merlin, waiting for Arthur to be reborn. That time is getting closer, and Jack is starting to notice something off about the resident tea boy.
Location: Europe
Due Date: N/A
Notes: I've got a fairly decent handle on the plot, and I'm about halfway done, but I'd appreciate someone checking me to make sure it's not getting too wordy, weird, overdone, etc. Also, Brit-picking would be greatly adored.

Looking for Second Look Beta

Preferred Name: IantojJackh or K.a.T.

Title: The Road Not Taken

Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto (past), Ianto/OFC

Rating: PG

Setting: Post S2- CoE and MD don't exist

Length: Currently at ~22k words- All but one chapter is complete

Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, family

Pairing Type: slash and het

Warnings: angst, mention of past suicide attempts, temporary character death

Summary: Ianto leaves Torchwood several month after Exit Wounds, needing to heal from the fallout and finds out a fresh start is best. He eventually learns that you can never really escape Torchwood and it pulls you back when you least expect it.

Location: USA (east coast)

Due Date: Mid March. My posting date for the big bang is March 27

Notes: I really need help with story flow, continuity. Most of it has already gone through one round of beta and Brit-picking. Need of some minor beta as there might be stuff we both missed or from the stuff I added.

Looking for a beta
Preferred Name: Kat
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Torchwood team, the Rani, the Doctor
Rating: R-ish
Setting: immediately post-End of Days for Torchwood, during Utopia for Doctor Who
Length: ~11k words, four chapters
Genre:  canon au, romance, drama
Pairing Type: slash
Warnings: canon character death
A brief summary: Ianto is the son of the Rani, with his Time Lord half locked away in his favorite stopwatch. The sound of the Doctor's TARDIS vanishing prompts him to open the watch and remember who he is.
Location: Europe
Due Date: N/A
Notes: This story is already complete; I'm just looking for someone who's willing to go through and stamp out my many English!fails and typos. I'd love it if that same someone - or a different one, I'm not picky - would be able to double-check my Time Lord trivia and Doctor Who time-lines (Old Who, specifically around the time of the 6th and 8th Doctors), but it's not entirely necessary.

Looking for a Beta

Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Rhiannon
Rating:   PG13
 Length: 2000- ish
 Pairing Type: M/M
Warnings: Canon character deaths - Owen, Tosh and Grey
A brief summary:  Set after the end of Series 2 - not CoE compliant

Help needed for: Punctuation and grammar please.

Looking for Beta: BETA FOUND
Bear attack

Preferred Name: IantojJackh  Real name is classified at this time ;p
Title:  No title yet

Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, 

Rating: M for some sexual situations. Nothing overly graphic. 

Setting: Post CoE,  eventual CoE fix-it

Length:  Completed 6.6k words 

Genre:  Angst, Hurt/Comfort, family. It really touches on a number of them.

Pairing Type: slash

Warnings:  Prostituion, angst, drug/alcohol use 

Summary: Post CoE, Jack is still have trouble dealing with life w/ out Ianto.

Location: USA (east coast) 

Due Date:  None

Notes: I really need help with story flow, continuity, idea bouncing, grammar/punctuation. Brit picking is a plus. Also need assistance in reigning in my crazy ideas. I might need help with a title too.

Looking for a beta
HP - Tom Riddle
Preferred Name: laertena
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, team
Rating: PG/13 to R-ish
Setting: Season 2, alternate canon
Length: WIP, right now 7k but I expect the final to be more or less 11k words or so, broken down in 8 parts
Genre:  gen, romance, supernatural
Pairing Type: slash
Warnings: basic Torchwood spoilers, a bit of a fusion with Supernatural, spoiler for Supernatural s4, religious conversation between the characters
A brief summary: Ianto's been hearing voices, seeing demons, and flinging furniture without lifting a finger. He just doesn't know why. Then Adam comes and messes with his head, and things get a little more complicated. (angel!Ianto)
Location: USA
Due Date: none, as I'm still writing it, but within a few weeks would be good
Notes: Okay, okay, I admit I already have a beta #1, but I'd like a beta #2 to look over it as well. Another set of eyes to provide feedback, if you will. I'd like another one to look at plot fluidity, grammar, characterization, the development of Jack and Ianto's relationship, and to bounce ideas/plot points with as well. Knowledge of Supernatural isn't required, as I'm trying to make it understandable for those unfamiliar with it as much as those familiar with it would be. I'm not actively looking for a Brit-picker, but it would be helpful as well.

Thank you :)

Looking for a beta
Author: merryghoul
Title: The Girls of Death/Call a Cab (working title)
Pairings/Characters: Suzie Costello/Alice Morgan (Luther), Sherlock Holmes/John Watson (Sherlock BBC), John Luther (Luther)
Rating: R
Setting: alternate universe (no aliens), alternate reality, alternate canon
Length: two completed longfics in a series (one around 17,000 words, the other 10,000)
Genre: casefic, action, crossover
Warnings: Language, graphic violence, knifeplay scene in one fic
A brief summary: Suzie is seeking to rebuild the empire Moriarty lost after the Reichenbach Fall. She's got the right associates to do the job. All she needs to do now is wait...for Sherlock.
Location: United States (east coast)
Due Date: June 2012 (both are for big bangs)
Notes: Originally I was looking for someone who knew Sherlock BBC well enough to make sure my Sherlock is in character, but since I'm at my wit's end looking for a beta and I've tried every Sherlock Holmes beta community on LJ and DW, I'll take someone who can handle the stuff in my fic and make sure the events in the story make sense within the narrative. I'll also take someone who's familiar with London to make sure what I'm talking about isn't too fantastic for London.

Sample from one fic under cutCollapse )

Looking for a Beta
warehouse floor
Author: darkwingduckie7
Title: Best Man
Pairings/Characters: anto, Jack, Lisa, Tosh, Owen, Gwen, Rhys Mickey, Rhiannon, Johnny, Andy, OCs
Rating: PG-13
Setting: AU, no aliens, modern day
Length: 85% Complete, about 21,000+ total
Genre: Angst, Romance
Pairing Type: Jack/Ianto and Ianto/Lisa main pairings
Warnings: Language and adult situations (nothing graphic but some m/m making out in one chapter)
A brief summary: It is less than a week before Ianto and Lisa's wedding. As last minute preparations ensue, Ianto's best man comes into town from America (one he hasn't seen for years) along with other uni friends Tosh and Owen. They bring chaos into Ianto's life and instability into his relationship with Lisa. Will the wedding ever take place?
Location: Florida, United States
Due Date: No due date
Notes: This is my first multi-chapter fic attempt. I just need someone to look though my plot, flow, and characterizations to see if everything makes sense or something causes confusion. I think some of my sections lack good enough transitions so just a new pair of eyes would be helpful. Also, looking at the dialogue would be helpful because sometimes I feel my characters sound too stiff when speaking. I tend to have few grammar and spelling issues but if anyone wants to check out my un-beta-ed writing, I have some one shots on my LJ page you can check out. But it would be nice if anything obvious was caught. I also write American (as much as I try to learn) so any corrections in Brit speak are welcome, just this is the least important part of what I need so I don't care if my beta could do this.


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